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I’ll just copy and paste that into my text reader because I’m lazy. Well, just glancing over your post I see you have some great dreams there that we all share. I am no where near self sufficient. As a matter of fact my gardening attempt failed completely this summer so far, heat, drought and insects killed it. I did manage to get a few messes of greens out of it. Anyway I learned a lot getting the garden boxes setup and planting, and watching everything come up.

From what I see so far in all this what is needed is A. Money, B. Time C. Free or Cheap and strong labor D. Readily available materials. Some combination of that anyway. You have already stated your lack of money, my problem as well. So you need to focus on Time, Labor and Materials. Design your projects based on what you have on the property or nearby. Your career will dictate how much Time you have, and to have free or cheap labor you will need lots of time.

Understanding this will bring the scale and scope of your projects into clear view. An metaphor for project management I once heard goes like this.

You are in charge of a water filtration plant on a space station. Your control panel has 4 dials. Each read Quality, Quantity, Resources and Time. You can not usually adjust one setting without affecting the others in some way. If you increase quality you must also increase either resources or time or you must decrease quantity. If you increase quantity then quality may automatically go down, unless you also increase resource or time or each.

Increasing resources in this metaphor would be adding extra filters. Get the

picture? All types of projects require managing those 4 elements.

One thing I have learned in my project management is to keep things simple at first. Even if they are not the most efficient way to do things.

If you have not read my articles you might want to.