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Hi, Riverrat! I see you have the same Vogelsang wood stove that I have. You are ahead with having trades knowledge. I also used a lot of scrap with my off grid home project. It certainly helped that I was the framing foreman. I always replaced the 1×4 they sent me for catwalks with 2x4s and took the 1×4 home seeing it couldn’t be returned. Scraps of other lumber became blocks and concrete forms. Bottom plate door cutouts became redwood railing material. Leftover rebar was used to reinforce my rammed earth tire walls. I did 30 different trades to make it so only the materials I bought, the well, some special tools, and the land were in the low mortgage, which was paid off in a reasonably short time. That low mortgage and no power bills really were a Godsend. Sweat equity, and using indigenous and recycled materials, is the way to go. Good luck!