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Well, the psychology has to be one of first, caring about AGW and wanting to help. The second part has to be a lot of determination to learn and save up money. Financial responsibility also helps increase your credit rating because you may need it to initially go off grid.

Some people can learn a lot by getting the $150 Harbor Freight 45 watt kit with a $40 inverter and $60 deep cycle 12VDC battery. It can be used at home, or with a trailer.

Those stuck in apartment living might be able to go to a similar cost per month, or less, trailer payments. A lot of off gridders start with a little travel trailer on some cheap land, and from there, gradually build their off grid house. A “base camp” is a good thing (travel trailer, mobile home, or even existing small cabin or shell), maybe a little rustic compared to the big city. Off grid in the big city is easier when you own a home and can put an expandable solar electric system on your roof as you can afford it. Usually a 15 amp or less system requires no permit, but everyone should check first.

The simplest psychology is just wanting to do it.

It is unfortunate that some that may want to do it, are stuck in a low buck job, barely making it, no credit, no savings. If they have a high power bill, it can be cut down and the savings applied to a savings account. Thermostat down, no TV or games. $20/month adds up over time.