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Dustoffer its not people like yourself I was thinking of but the countless silent readers wo read but do not necessarily participate or even ask questions. Last year someone asked me how someone with no savings and renting an apartment in the city could go off grid. At the time I had no good answer but the question kept nagging me. AS I mulled over possible answers it gradually occurred to me why advice like you and I offer may not really reach those people who need it the most. I have been helping a family in their efforts to adjust to going off grid. I presently live in a small community where at least 8 homes are presently off grid. I know there are at least half a dozen more that I do not know. Several dozen more are partially off grid.

This led me to wonder why many of them failed to follow good advice. And in some cases did not take the final step to go off grid. Instead they continue to complain about big utility bills.