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Hey, why not get a word from an Amish man! I am what’s called Spiritually-Amish; in other words, I was not born nor raised Amish, but after I became a Christ-follower I (sampled, then) resisted the organized religions as well as those who took on the titles and traditions of Christianity; in a true Spiritual journey that eventually lead me to Anabaptism, wherein I then spent a season with the Amish (in PA., where I intend to return next season for another visit). To be officially “Amish” requires “joining” their church and learning the Dutch language they speak, neither of which, do I know to be a necessary function to being a part of the Body of Christ (to be in the family of God). They know that I believe this and do not reject me because of it, but I cannot live permanently with them unless/until. In other words, I accept them completely as Spiritual Brothers; what/how they receive me is a little different, but I feel welcome among them in any event. Living/working among them, I know as much as an “outsider” can know!

Amish live nearly independent of the overall economy. During the 1st great economic depression they lived on with little effect upon their lifestyles. It will be much the same during the 2nd, though they too, feel the strain of (ever-increasing) taxes from the many hands-out Takers that dominate this culture/lands (the Godless-religious Westernizers who conquered & built this soon-collapsing Capitalist Oligarchy)!

I use electricity to supply eco-lighting, my lap-top, Dewalt 18V cordless power tools, TV/Sat and cell phone recharge, but that’s about it. All these things can be supplied by a solar panel pack. I am an Eco-Village designer and off-grid specialist. I’m currently building for this purpose. Religious affiliations are not a requirement, however, if you are Christ-phobic it would end up being too uncomfortable.