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I need to log in everytime I try to post. Another strange thing is there’s a link on the top right of the page to log in. If I log in there, I still can’t post to a thread. Even if I log in at a thread to make a post, I’m still not logged in according to the link at the top.(says “log In”) It states that I’m not logged in but yet I can post.. Go figger.. LOL Like there’s a log in to the site and a log in for responding to a thread! Kind of a PITA!. Doesn’t this site accept or give cookies? Everytime I leave and come back I need to log in to post. I don’t pay any attention to the top of the page log in prompt..

Also, if you log in with the link at the top of the page, there’s no easy link to get to the forum. You need to go to the front page and then click on “Forum” to get here..