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As I like to say “living on alternative energy is not for the faint of heart”. Actually, it’s been great so far (15 months). We installed a new system in our new home and after the initial bugs were worked out, it’s been reliable since. After talking with a few, we settled on a local company to design and install our system – and we’re glad they did. I would suggest hiring someone to come out and inspect your system as part of the home inspection subject on your purchase contract. There are so many systems that weren’t installed properly, or the equipment is so old there is little value in it. Don’t trust batteries – you never know how they’ve been cared for so they may not have as much life left in them as the current owners claim.

As to mortgages and house insurance – no difference for us from a conventional house. We used a chartered Canadian bank so I’m sure the rules would be the same on your coast as ours (BC). We made sure the insurance company is aware of our solar equipment so it’s covered.

How is this house heated? You’re not going to heat a house with solar PV so they must have something else? We have an outdoor wood boiler with a high efficiency propane boiler as a backup. We have hot water radiant floor heat and find that the circulating pump for the wood boiler is a power pig in the winter, but that’s the only issue we’re planning on tweaking in the system.

Good luck and best wishes!