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The first planning tools you need is a power consumption calculator and a chart of insolation for your specific location. Go here: to download the reelevant sun information for your specific location. this will give you enough data to determine the average amount of usable sun that location gets. The power calculations will tell you how much power you need to collect in the sun hours available. This in turn determines what size solar panels are needed. You will probably also need a “kill-a-Watt meter to measure how much energy each one of your electrical devices uses. Now you can plan which one s to keep and which ones to get rid of.

Your mention of a ‘static’ PV panel array suggest you already recognize the benefits of a movable sun tracker array. You may want to make the panel array movable and add the automatic drive later. In the meantime a simple shaodow pin will suffice in letting you adjust the array manually. Unless the array was installed recently you would gain by adding an MPPT controller to the existing array.

check out my website blogs for more commentary on how to go off grid.

I do not sell product nor do I even have Google or Amazon ads at this time. I do not even recommend specific products on my blog site although I do as a consultant and designer.

I do not have specific information on mortgage rules in N.S. but I know we have off-grid homes here with mortgage financing so it should be feasible.

What financial institutions are concerned with is having the property insured and complying with codes. CHMC has standards for non conventional building methods and of grid home construction so it should be possible to get financing. Ask around.