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Well, yes and no. I certainly buy all my food from truckstops or walmart or whatever when on the road. A trucker can spend between $400 and $1000 a month on food. I once heard a trucker say, “When I can’t afford to sit down to 2 meals a day I’m going to get out of trucking!” Well I’ve been in it for 8 years and I sit down to only one meal a day. I eat out of the truck or quick stop snack food for the other 2 meals. Or maybe one of the other meals is fast food. And I don’t sit down to a meal every day either. I took a local job a few years back for 1.5 years. I think I ate out maybe 4 times that whole 1.5 years. Rest of the time I ate from my home kitchen. I like cooking because my first 5 working years was working for Shoney’s Restaurant where I preped and cooked anything they sold.

I earned $30K last year, the worst year since I got into trucking in 2002. So I’m not getting rich by any means. And I have no assets to speak of. Only a boat and a 45 foot truck trailer I use for storage which has all my worldly belongings in it.