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Seems to me you are displaying a classic ‘bunker mentality”

quote”- having my dwelling in the middle of nowhere, out of public view, with a vehicle to still get around and a pantry which is full – are my main priorities” end quote.

That may work for a distress situation lasting a few weeks or months.

but will this work a year or two down the road? What about five years.

Most people who talk about going off grid speak about having solar cells wind generators etc. rely heavily on the industrial infra structuer that is only possible because of the terrible grid. Even if they know how to make solar cells and wind turbine could they repair or make more. I do know how, because I have worked as a manufacturing engineer but let me tell you it is not that easy to make from scratch. I designed wind turbine controls at one time. I designed and built electronic circuit boards. However I do not have the ability to mine the raw material and process it into the necessary copper wires or semiconductors needed. I learned to build wooden boats so I am pretty sure I could build a wooden water wheel. But from where do I get the high grade special steel to make wood working tools? If I start out with a good axe and lose it or break the head; how would I replace it.

If we all went off grid and the present grid was destroyed we would regress to a subsistence culture with in a decade and within a century we woukld regress to barely more than a neolithic stone age culture.

Without a grid how would you sustain an educational system that would turn out educated engineers and scientists who could figure out what the next step is?