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Aries whatever gave you the idea that I figured I would make it, but people like you would not. I am planning on not making it. Unfortunately something like people needing my help always seem to interfer with me checking out early. The fact is I no longer want to be here because we ( collectively ) have screwed it up so badly it’s beyond fixing. Maybe we will have another flood (or more likely a fire storm) but who would want to be a survivor in such a disaster. I’m hoping my poor health will terminate me before Armageddon comes. Two strokes already so maybe the third one will do me in.

My interest in going off grid has absolutely nothing to do with survivalism or making a political statement. My only reason for going off grid is to be able to live in a part of the earth where man’s greed has not yet ruined the view.

Those places happen to be where the grid has not yet reached.