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Enlav – It appears as though my original question of: is bringing stock piled canned/dry items a bad idea – has turned into why “people like me” aren’t going to make it in the forthcoming changes. If you’d rather ask me what my plans are, where my land is, and what the goals for the next year are – feel free to ask me, but please do not take a condescending tone about how you’re going to make it, and I’m not going to because you have so much more experience and knowledge than I do. You started at the beginning at some point too, did you not?

It’s sad to experience that there is not a “group mentality” here, where we all help and learn together – rather we point out flaws or imperfections that we see and tell people how they’ll fail or not make it.

Have you ever heard of the sandwich improvement theory? It’s typically used in childcare, management and learning environments. What you do is take a positive (my ability to stock pile) put a negative (stock pile will not last forever) and end it with a positive suggestion (gardening? hunting? canning?).

I’m not asking you to humor me with answers which I want to hear – I’m simply stating that going off on a tangent about how people aren’t ready, and here’s a list of reasons why – does not relate to my initial post, nor does it offer any suggestion on how to improve the situation you speak so dimly of.