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Relying on store bought things is not bad in itself,but what do you do after the first couple of years? You mentioned living in the middle of nowhere and having a vehicle to get around. How will you fuel this vehicle? The refineries are formulating fuels that deteriorate in a few months. Market research has shown most of today’s refined fuels are burned within 30 days of leaving the refinery so why bother to spend more time and effort to make it last several years? todays refinery products begin to break down in as little as 3 monts.

I work in the marine market where this is an ongoing problem. Sometimes the fuel tanks are topped up and a year later the remaining fuel has gone skunky and will not burn properly. Sometimes not at all.

Reliance on factory made stuff is a short term measure. The big challenge will be how to cope after that. Which is why I said if we do have an EOTWAWKI situation then everyone will be living in a subsistence mode within a decade. Some people like your SO will be able to scrounge bits and pieces for a while but then what? Everybody else will also be scrounging until nothing is left. Being able to weld is fine but what if you have no more metal to weld or gas for a cutting torch or electrodes for an arc welder. For that matter can he weld without power for the welder?

My wife comes from the third generation of off-gridders. Until she was 14 they only had kerosene lights because the grid did not reach that far. The family homestead is still off grid; and Kerosene is a manufactured product. When her uncle needs something he usually goes into town to get it. Sure he can weld up the broken track or dozer blade on his D9 when it breaks but when he needs a special steel pin or shaft he cannot make a new pin from scratch.

The truth is, just about all of us going off grid still relies heavily on the grid supported industries to make many of the things we depend on. Ranging from canned foods to can openers to weaving looms to make new denim cloth for sewing replacement pants and shirts.

I know how to design and build generators but I also know I cannot make wire from scratch even though I am familiar with the process. Wher do I get copper ore?

Despite having the knowledge I am not so sure I could teach it to my children fast enough to make a difference. Which is why I said we would likely devolve to a very primitive level within a century.

Most significantly if the communications grid goes down we will all be isolated from each other. The only transportation will be shanks mare or if you are lucky, the equestrian express.

A minority of people like your SO do possess usable skills but a great many do not. What are they going to do?

It is not the grid we need to get rid of; its the greedy people who are using the grid to gouge the population at large.