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Arie, I am envious of your coupon/bartering system. I and my family are off grid

in Montana, Before our decision i had stockpiled for a EOTWAWKI scenario. We had enough food to last 2 years, solar panels, batteries, inverters, 12v appliances etc. We took the plunge in April of last year, work was slow (I am self employed HVAC) all that we had was 70 acres and an 06 jay co 27′ camper with plans for a cabin. Throughout the summer we built a 16×16 cabin with a loft and as the temp started to rise I got busy again, That was August so for 4 months we had not much income, and a lot of time and stuff. We were able to eat and build because of the stores we had put up before hand. My point is it is never a bad thing to have Stuff put away you just never know what is coming down the pike. We have since calmed down on the doom and gloom and started to love being independent, and we have a community of like minded families that help each other out the way it used to be.So Keep It Up!!!