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Omek last things first. Yes we do have wild fires. Go here to see.

Someone with an off-grid focussed website bought land in WA that had recently been burned over. 10 years later its in pretty good shape. Go here

Arecent burn over is less likely to have new fires next year or the next.

Don’t believe everything you hear or see in the news. These journalists are simply trying to put the most sensationalist spin on any story.

Work! What makes you think anybody other than the very rich are going to have a nice future now that guys like Begoff has absconded with the money leaving the working people holding the empty bag? Having recently travelled down into the states I can say we are better off here than you guys are down there.

But seriously, why expect somebody else to create a job for you? It ain’t gonna happen in the next decade. The really rich guyes have taken care of that by exporting the domestic manufacturing sector to China. What you get is what you make for yourself.

If you plan to go off grid you are not part of the system in any case so why worry? I know half a dozen people who were born stateside but are now living here. Buy some land, call it a hunting camp, its legal.

You say the desirable land down in the lower 48 is already spoken for – Guess what? Its the same up here and in most cases its owned by Yankees. So what’s the difference?

Work permits etc. Har Har Har! I was a certified Engineering Technologist in Ontario but moved to BC in my RV. Guess what? BC told me I wasn’t a resident because I lived in an RV. And they refuse to recognize my Ontario engineering certificates. Never mind the fact I was working in Vancouver etc. so I asked our IRS department what to do when filing income tax. They said just file as a Canadian working abroad not as a BC resident. That saved me about $5K in taxes. Go figure.

As for working. If you can demonstrate you can handle the job quite often they don’t bother asking for papers. I do and they don’t. Times are hard all over. But generally I think we will recover better and faster up here.

Elnav A canadian born in Europe.