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Thanks ReBoot.

I will certainly be visiting that area of the country if only in passing.

I do not know much about Montana.

But from what I have gathered so far.

The desirable areas in the other states you mentioned are way out of affordability for me.

The economy appears to be working against the middle class here.

And I do not see it improving for me in the near future.

I admit I also do not know about Canada’s economy or much about it’s politics / government.

But I do not read a whole lot of bad about it either in the news.

Wish I could say so much for the direction The USA seems to be heading.

I know you can’t speak on where you are not or have not been physically.

I mentioned to another member here that I am a little overwhelmed with all the things I never really thought about pursuing seriously unitl last month or so.

But I also have other concerns.

For instance. Are there wildfires in BC like there are in Oregon,, Washington, California Montana, Idaho, Utah?

I would hate to get rooted and get shelter built only to have it destroyed by a kid with a brian fart on a campsite.

Are there better than remedial jobs in those areas compared to the cost of living?

I do know that there is a beetle problem killing trees all over the rockies.

and firewood is cheap.

But I never hear about large wildfires further north.

Uggh I am rambling again.

Info overload! heheh.