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If local regulations allow it you could maybe get one or two shipping containers. There are now several companies that specialize in designing homes using these as building modules. but it is also good for DIY.

Around here they are popular as hunting camp housing because you can close them up as a virtually bullet proof cabin. At minimum the door end gets door and window installed but recessed inside the outer steel door. A cousin uses one for a shop and garage for a sports car. Several of the local mills use them as improved and cheaper replacements for a ATCO office building at scales and wood lot gate keepers. Around here you can buy a 40′ for $2500 each. To install additional windows and doors all you need is a good power saw with metal cutting blade.

Plenty of ideas on the internet. My first Google search yielded in excess of 400,000 hits including plenty of pictures. This Old House (Bob Vila)did a show featuring how containers can be used for housing.