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Not knowing where you are I can’t tell if he has the market cornered; or if he is simply trying it on for size. Using competetive quotes from online, try a counter offer and see what he says. When we moved from the Vancouver area we paid $135 for a month’s rental and arranged to drop off the container at their depot some 50 miles from where we ended up. A friend with a flat deck trailer and semi did the actual hauling 600 miles so we only paid fuel and his dispatcher arranged for a back haul load to get him back home.The rental fee included delivery to our home and pick up to load on our friend’s truck.

The Brother in law did a rent to purchase and again the delivery fee was included. But this was a short hop from depot to his house. In round numbers you may have to figure $2 per ton mile and a limit on distance travelled unless you pay extra. Fuel premiums have played hobs with pricing this past year. The good news is even inland places with intermodal rail yards are likely to have surplus containers and thus a sales outlet.