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that is also a good idea if you only want to watch dvd’s, and also there are little battery powered t.v.’s, I do not know what trickle charge means, but i understand your trying to say, which brings me to this link I’ve just stumbled upon, lol, the “take anywhere Hammacher Schlemmer” which should work for the dvd player and similar:

I keep wondering lately why there aren’t more larger items w/ build in batteries… Wouldn’t it eliminate alot of hassles in a variey of ways…for example, there are many types of solar lamps and portable camping led’s, etc… but I cannot for the life of me find one single regular household lamp that will emit the type of light I get from my other non-solar lights. But I am sure its possible to make a lamp like this, that I could sit outside (or part of it outside) like the other outdoor lights (which usually only give that slight glow which is good for yard lights and things but not mucn more)but bring in the house and just turn on like a regular indoor lamp that gives off a decent amount of light that could at least partially light up a room, not only a few millimeters… and it would be so nice to have other similar appliances with built in batteries like ort computers, dvd players, phones, etc. do…. if they exist… if they do and i am just missing it please anyone feel free to clue me in:)

well enough of that rambling, but this is just one of the stumbling blocks that keep coming up for me while making my plans for an inexpensive off-grid home. I’m trying to detour all or most plumbing and electrical as possible with all sorts of ideas, and having certain household items with built in rechargeable batteries seems to be something that would help out alot but cannot find much except for small camping items or those that do not emit much light or power, etc… (again another great example would be a small refridgerator with a built in battery, that would be great!!!:) I suppose if it is not there I should make it myself somehow, this should be interesting:) I’ll let you know how it goes if I don’t zap myself trying first, lol,. Have a good day everyone