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Salvor, it is technically possible to run air conditioning with an inverter but you probably do not want to incur the expense for the batteries needed. Most of my clients require some A/C because they are in southern climates. but they also spend several thousand dollars on a big battery bank.

There are two ways to get 220V for an air conditioner. European market inverters normally come as 230V and at least one brand ( Victron also sold in the US ) can be switch selected for either 50Hz or 60 Hz operation. The second way is to use a step up transformer to boost 120V up to 220V. for one recent job we found a 4 kVA rated transformer that only cost USD $109 plus shipping.

Most of the existing home air conditioners tend to be hard starting. For off grid use I recommend adding a soft start module that eliminates the huge start surge. Submerged well pump owners have been using this technique for several years already.

For power conservation I suggest you consider using a small RV unit just to cool off the room you intend to use the most be it living room or bedroom.

Central air conditioning units are often five or ten ton capacity and would require far too much power. Note! one ton = 12,000 BTU