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Hello we are now Off-grid too. well its been a dream of mine for many year and now it is so. When i say i am off grid i mean Off the grid AS WELL.

3 years ago i sold everything i did not need and moved to the Philippines. For a more laid back life. for income i buy and sale items on ebay and do VW repair work. Lots of Old VW’s here.

Well on june of 2008 we purchased 4 lots and started building our house. the plan from the start was off-grid well my wife was not sold on it. But i talked her into it. By Dec 15 the first level was done and we have moved in. i have built a small wind mill for power and working on larger ones as soon as my motors show up. we have a rain water catch system. and i grow many of my daily vegetables. Its all still a work in progress for us. we are working on a second level and improvements on the systems. But we are now rent free and and the only bills we have are the Wifi and wireless land line.

I have posted some videos on youtube.