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Shipping containers are a great way to go. I have three 40 footers that I purchased used a few moths ago at $1000 each. I’m presently collecting steel I-beams and am in the process of taking apart an old greenhouse from a now defunct nursery. The containers will be in U shape with the bottom of the U to the north and the other two containers to the east and west, the open part to the south.

The south face will be enclosed with the glazing from the greenhouse. I’m using a lot of steel in the plan since there is a lot available for the scrap cost or better yet for the hauling. Recently an old mobile home park nearby has been tearing down some very old trailers. They are letting me have all of the framing and plywood that I can haul away.

The goal is to build my new home with no debt and from as much recycled ie(junk)as possible.