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When I started this thread I was thinking primarily about the difference between factory prepared foods and home made foods. For example Campbells soup has 30% sodium (salt) and cost three times as much as making it yourself.

Same goes for just about every meal prepared and sealed up for sale at the supermkarket so the consumer only has to reheat it.

We stopped eating red meat a long time ago for health reasons. Being vegetarian was not a consideration. I was first introduced to vegetarian food when I was 18 and discoverred vegetarian dishes do not have to be bland except when following a north american recipe. I worked with a hindu architect who showed me how varied and tasty such dishes are.

Since then I have also discovered that there are two main types those who decline even eggs or cheese or milk and those who do not. This is not the forum to get into the theological or religious aspects. I have attended feasts and dinners put up by Asian, Indian and North American vegetarians. It is possible to get enough protein to bulk up muscles if that is your desire.

However it is still possible to minimize your grocery bill and still eat meat.

Except in urban reservations it is still possible to hunt your own. If you are squeamish about dressing and butchering your own there are custom meat cutters who will dress and package your kill. If you haven’t got a big freezer go halves with someone. Lastly if you simply haven’t got freezer space, there are still options of where you buy and what cuts you get. Being a good cook means knowing how to get the best use from whatever cut. Difering methods of cooking will tenderize an otherwise tougher cut. I mentioned before that canning a chicken will tenderize an old layer well enough it will be like an young roaster. A pressure cooker is a country cooks best friend.