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my home is 80% recycled. most of my materials came from habitat for humanity. also paying attention to local offerings. this fall i picked up 40 3×4 windows with screens from a hotel remodel.(lots of green house) my solar gear is from 1984. i picked up 2 500watt arrays installed on zomeworks trackers with two other trackers for 1000 bucks :).. my hardy board siding 50 4×8 panels 10 bucks each,5/8 sheer osb 40 sheet 1 buck each, 3000 square feet nor clad metal roofing 400 bucks plenty for future building.

anyway… materials are out there. i have so much stock piled that i had to build shelter for the materials i now have homestead depot.

our local radio station has a show each morning 930 to 950 called trash n treasure. its a calling style classifieds. they also have an online version similar to craigslist. this is something that can be started if a local radio station would participate. you can listen on line . kmtn the mountain 96.9 fm. i think the internet is the mountain radio get a good idea. swinging buy large contraction projects works to. most large companies have crunched the numbers and determined that extra materials cost more to move and store then give away(my sheer/siding/rebar)