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Wrethas suggestion of converting a freezer into a refrigerator reminds me that a holding plate system is by far the most efficient. Again this was primarily a system developed for sailboats and suitable for custom DIY fabrication.

The holding plates contain a eutectic solution which could be saline water or antifreeze (food grade). The system is charged once every 24 hours during which the holding plates are chilled to a frozen state. They remain cold for up to 24 hours at which point they needed to be recharged. This was usually done while the boat battereies were recharged as well. for solar application the charging should occur during the period of maximum insolation and thus maximum power. From the descriptions I have heard of the freezer conversion it is convenient but not as efficient and effective from an engineering perspective. If the basic freezer could be modified to contain holding plates it would likely improve in efficiency. Adding additional insulation would also improve things by slowing down heat migration into the interior of the cool fridge compartment.

BTW the blue gel inside the freezer packs you use in coolers would make a good eutectic solution for those interested in experimenting and building their own.