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We acquired a Dometic brand propane fridge last year but a health inspector told me his experience was these did not stay cold enough on a real hot summer day. He told me they are incapable of maintaining the interior below 4 degrees Centigrade. Thinking I could prove him wrong I placed a thermometer inside and checked it every couple of hours. It worked fine overnight but come middle of the next afternoon it was up to 10 C

I am studying the system to determine how to improve it. I have dismantled one propane fridge to examine it in detail. I have even taught muself how to rebuild the burner for greater heat output.

My conclusion is you need to add 4″ of insulation all around which is a real problem at the back.

This far north we only reach about 95F during the hottest part of summer. If I had sufficient PV panels I think I would prefer to buy something like a Tundra brand all electric refrigerator. They can be run on both DC and AC voltage.

However the quest is still on to find non refrigeration methods of food storage.

Smoked sausages and pepperpni sticks are two examples of protein foods that can stand up to non refrigeration. A cool root cellar is also a good idea.

As a child in post war Europe I remember people had no refrigeration but would use evaporation to cool butter and milk jugs. It’s similar to what is now called swamp coolers. Although not enough to keep ice cream from melting it did keep butter from melting and milk from going sour. Freshly laid eggs have a natural coating that seals the shell so it does not allow permeation of oxygen and thus spoiling the egg. Unfortunately store bought eggs must be washed and that removes the natural film. Cruising sailors used to coat store bought eggs with vaseline to keep them for a couple of months.