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Home Forums General Discussion Propane tank inside the house? Re: Propane tank inside the house?


Elnav is right, moving it around, connecting and disconnecting is just as likely to damage something that isn’t damaged now… one thing we do on our cookstove, when we are done cooking, we turn off the bottle and allow the gas in the hose to burn off, then we turn off the burner. We also do that on the heater in the shower, I turn off the bottle and allow the gas to burn off before shutting down the heater.

Another thing to remember about propane is the manufacturers put in a chemical odor, and it stinks! You can smell it if it’s leaking, even in small quantities. The chemical is called mercaptan, it has a rotten egg or cabbage smell, as long as your smeller works OK, and you are awake and present, you will know if your propane is leaking. My brother in law is trained and licensed to handle and transport propane, he told me some interesting facts about propane and mercaptan.

I do know that as you near the end of a bottle, you can smell the mercaptan more and more while using the propane, that’s how I could tell that it was time to refill one of our empties (if we hadn’t done that already).