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you will use about 5 lb of propane a month for up to about 12 cu ft. actually propane freezers can be more efficient then propane fridges because the heating of the ammonia is more suitable to freezing temps and needs to be regulated for fridge temps. this is why for propane fridge has only one t-stat(for fridge) the cooler ammonia rise’s to the freezer.

sun electric has very affordable electric 12v/24v freezer. it is very easy on the power and a popular choice for southern hemisphere off grid systems. they sell out fast each year. next delivery date is in a couple of weeks.

personally….. i choose to use all electric appliances. a thermostat for a propane fridge is 260 plus and if the heat exchanger goes usually about 8-10 years its 600 parts plus shipping and labor for a 1000 dollar appliance. electric t-stat is about 60 bucks ..

i use the bar size fridges they are only 1.5 amp at full load about 3-5 hrs in a day. i keep the freezer in my shop on the north side nice and cool. i picked mine up for 75 bucks.

supposedly amana has a new fridge 25 cu side by side that only uses 1.5 amp still can’t find the model . typical full size electrics are about 13 amps. a key feature to confirm is a variable speed fan. these work by increasing the fan rpm for convection cooling and keep the compressor from runing.

maytag 12 cu ft are 5.5-6 amp.

id buy a cheep freezer and spend the money on more solar wind hydro.

propane…… well its still petroleum product with prices that could get expensive

my 2 cents