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I agree that down sizing is a major part of the answer, but I provide for 3 children and a grandmother and there is only so much they’ll allow me to do, or take away that is.. i myself could get by with very very little but everyone else seems to disagree with my ideas:)

another tricky thing is the icy cold winters.. I wish double AA batteries would keep everyone warm!! LOL!! in the utmost alternative inventivenes and frugality, nomatter how hard I work, or how much I think and conserve (even wearing layered clothes w/insulative airspace:).. it doesn’t matter.. the monthly utility bills in the winter are far higher than incoming paychecks, in a minimalist situation to say the least. But its okay, because it has inspired invention.

I offered out the idea to my mom/grandma of just using a cooler in the winter using the free snow to keep things cold instead of a fridge, and everyone started making fun of me and got very angry at even the suggestion. as if they have anything to say about it, but still, its hard to live in an environment where everyone is angry at you and thinks you are from another planet. However, if the various costs of living keep rising, they will not have a choice anymore.. they will be out helping me shovel snow instead

I understand your viewpoint about what it means to be off grid, but in the most straightforward sense it means to me what it says literally: being off the grid. The “grid” is not the same as “electricity.” The grid provides various forms of electricity for different purposes in its grid like way… but electricity is electricity.. the only reason someone should have anything against electricity itself is the fear of getting struck by lightning or some imbalance of positive and negative ions or something.. simplicity tends to be a requirement of getting there and/or a by product of it all. To me its all very simple too… or should be… but in reality it is not necessarily always the case… t.v., radio, lamps, computer, etc… are truly not a big barrier, I even forced them to go without airconditioning this summer and everyone is fine and probably healthier for it, but heating for example is a not as simple until I build a very smart small house… and camping is great too, but not all year in a snowbank. give thanks for your thoughts and have a great day