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Home Forums General Discussion passive solar home design advice on windows???? Re: passive solar home design advice on windows????


depending on your location(longitude) you may consider installing the window with a pitch to have gain in the winter when sun is at lower angle. with a 2-3 foot eve you will shade the window in the summer. another consideration is what elevation you will install the windows in relation to the elevation where the window was manufactured. gas filled double pane windows will fail if the elevation from manufacture to instal location is more then 2000 ft. . for the money I’m a big fan of commercial door glass. 6ft by 3ft. install directly between studs with silicone. trim out on inside and outside to hold in place. each to replace and about 200 bucks for 18 sq ft.

also a big mistake made for passive solar is “you need lots of glass” … this glass will also be a source of heat loss and draft. again all depends on location/ and climate where your installing.

cheers gordo