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The Goal Zero products are expensive. More of a hobby toy for those with money to burn. In reality you can make equivalent products yourself for way less money. In previous posts I have mentioned where you can get FREE batteries. Instead of spending $30 for a LED light, the dollar store has something equivalent for a buck or two. Because the dollar store version is not 12V get a junked cell phone power adaptor for in-car use. I picked up a couple for a buck at Value Village. A pen knife dismantled the phone end connector exposing the two wires needed to solder into a battery perated LED light. Mind the po;arity. Red is usually positive.

Many automotive store offer low cost solar panels suited to recharge the smaller 12V batteries. If you need a carry case look in the section for school supplies and accessories.

You can put together something for under $10 but maybe that is not sexy enough because you did not get the designer label version. (sigh)

Guess this only appeals to serious off-gridders