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The best I can suggest is to move to BC, or better yet, to Yukon, find a job, and trust your dreams from there. Eventually, after the pole shifts completely, Ontario will be like Siberia. In fact, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England are spiritually degenerate, because the pole shift will make most of these areas uninhabitable. The good thing about the east coast of Canada, is that the climate won’t change much at all, as long as you can avoid the tsunamis, and earthquakes which will occur in the area.

Your dreams will guide you, so don’t be miserable anymore. Being miserable is sure sign that you are not safe in the future. So dreaming for a self-sufficient existence, which you can’t afford is simply a way to sustain any discontentment, in order to suppress any dreams, which show how doomed your area of the world is. Wake up and smell the pretty flowers, and look at how beautiful everything is, and revel in God’s perfect creation. Then from this perfective, let your dreams guide you.

If you allow unfulfilled dreams to cloud your judgement, you won’t be able to escape, because by accepting the misery of unfulfillable dreams, you are accepting death, in order not to have dreams about personal calamities in the future. God is kind, so he generally won’t show miserable people dreams about their own death in advance, because most miserable people would be better off with the angels anyway. So if you are in an unsafe area, don’t expect any dreams, to make life even more miserable.

If you want to carry your pure essence into the future, it must be a pure essence, so forget about the things you can’t do, and do the things you can. If you are a survivor, then each time you neglect a dream, or an insight into what you should do, in favour of doing what you want to do, more and more misery will overtake you. Yet, if you are one of the lucky ones, who is mean to die, you will live happily ever after, until the end, so don’t be jealous of those who are care-free, and don’t follow their ways, because they are having their moment in the sun now.

Kind regards Darryl