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Hi admin. I’d attempted to contact you regarding the documentary project through a couple of channels that didn’t pan out, so I hope you are really there!

I hope you don’t just show middle class families with savings accounts or the rich living off grid. My experience has been exclusively with poor people living off grid on the fringes of modern American culture.

In addition to the how and why people do it, there are some interesting dynamics going on. One is that while nobody was paying attention it became illegal to live simply without mainstream power and water in many parts of the US. (I’m not talking about people with money, but the rest of us.)

I think the social aspect is interesting. Is living off grid the right thing for a single person, a couple, a nuclear family? Or are intentional communities and cooperatives a more practical arrangement? If so, what is the best way to structure these new “tribes” both legally and internally? Also, the people interested in this span left wing progressives to right wing militia, which means that people who are usually at odds are thrown together with some intimately basic things in common, against a mainstream that has a deep revulsion for the lifestyle.

Anyway, I lived the life on and off for 14 years, and recently completed a book about the topic, so there is lots more to say. I will try to answer any questions you want to ask.