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desert deb

My interests are less complicated, i want easy pictorials on installing different types of systems to make off grid life easier and better planned. I want a one stop shop for answers to any thing off grid. If i have an idea i want to network that idea in one place. Just deciding what i wanted to do at my place has evolved into a year and half project, not to mention research time. This off grid site helps with the discussion boards but i think it too could go a little further. Off grid has become a catch word but it means different things to each of us. Some just want off the power grid, some want to completely turn their lives around. Some are looking for something in the middle. Some cant decide how or where to start, or even where to locate. It is a slow process and it takes time and all i see on these sites are people rushing to get off grid, communities are a big poster on most of these sites but if you dont know what you personally want out of it no one else can help you get there.