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Hi Guys,

Thank you for the replies!

@ Elnav: I am originally from Italy and we have long and hot summers there and I never had air conditioning in my house. And I am still alive :)! Thank you for the information about pricing of land and houses too. I am living in Alberta right now and I notice people saying things are more expensive here compared to other provinces (I have never been to any other area except Vancouver for a few days).

I like the idea of living close to the mountains and not too far from a little town or community. The only thing I am “scared” of is the lack of sun/light. Is there wind instead where you live?

@ Gabriel: I joined “thelandproject” subscribing for the newsletter but I still have to read in details how the whole thing is going to develop. I am very curious about their project in BC. We can definitely keep in contact, you can message me through my website (click my username then contact).