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I live in Canada and the communities in this area have many off-grid residents. due to health problems we had to move closer to a village with a clinic or hospital. We are living in the mountains a few hundred kilometers from Price Rupert in BC. Land may not be dirt cheap but the soil is good so a vegetable garden is very likely to be sucessful with not much effort.

One of the biggest challenges is the short daylight period in winter and in most places the extreme cold. -35F is not that unusual although it doesn’t last long each cold spell. Few people worry about air conditioning although down south near places like Toronto and Montreal some people think they need it. I lived for 25 years just north of Toronto and the hot period only last a couple of weeks. I designed ducts for air conditioning but never bothered to install it in the house I built.

Where I live now there is a mountain just south of us that shades us in winter making solar nearly impossible. Not to mention which Last january we had continuous cloud cover for 30 days. Alternative power for lights is essential as is wood heat.

My wife grew up on an off-grid homestead and they always used a generator in winter for power. The place is still off-grid.