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I think you missed the point. I was posting about Stirling driven generators working in a CHP system for times and places where the sun don’t shine.

When you only have sun for a couple of hours a day and that sun is less than 30 degrees above the horizon solar panels require a disproportionate larger panel than for same household much closer to equator.

The aside about solar panel quotes originated because I was calling the solar distributor regarding a quote I was putting together for a customer.

You are absolutely right there are cheaper systems available but right now most solar dealers are pushing grid tie in various forms or another. They do not think things through. And the very expensive quotes tend to discourage a lot of potential people.

In northern rural areas we often see storm damage that results in power outages lasting many hours or even days. A lot of wood heat systems now rely on circulation pumps or fans so they too are affected by grid outages.

The advantage of a stirling engine generator being that as long as the fire is going you also have power.

My frustration stems from not being able to find a supplier who can or will sell into North America.