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Nick Rosen

Well, I’m a night owl. old age thing :) Now I’m thinkin about ways to get off grid..I have one workable way..staking placer gold claim..any mineral claim, rare earth elements etc.. going to be a valuable holding, used in big land holding..about 500 ft by 1000 ft both sides of claim..differs province to not expensive deal.. See NB Sustainable resources mines or some such..where ever you are working from..see the schedule of fees etc.. cheap..

requires a minimal amount of work per year to legitimize the up on mining act won’t kill ya :) might put you to sleep. :)Read up on placer gold prospecting.. go out and pan around.. license is like 10 bucks I think in NB. Put the new knowledge to work..not about getting rich here, is about getting free..maybe supplementing the income with a little color.. might make you rich but that usually just makes us miserable worrying about all that dough.. :) enough is always best.

Ok so you locate property that is open for staking.. read assessment reports for area.. can be very interesting read, even historical info there..

then you go out physically put your posts up.. the initial steps are all easily completed on line with credit cards or money orders in NB.. time is always a factor..get the license..more people all the time getting the idea too. Corporate pillagers tie up thousands of acres.. which chokes me up..greed is so ugly. :)

I’m guilty of hoping for this deep depression to arrive.. I’m ready.. I do commiserate with the people tho..might be good tho to lose then rediscover values.. like freedom, no stress living and healthful home grown foods etc.. new beginnings are exciting..material is just stuff. Money will be worthless after North American Union hits us between the eyes..savings wiped out.. it’s the NWO plan of corporate governance.. our politicians are shyster owned.

Multi parties one head.. one agenda.. pad their existence at the cost of our country and freedoms.. the people sleep..well some maybe most..

get out of the cities.. what happens when stores are empty and no one is eating for days.. riots.. looting worse..Harpers prison planet under the republican tutors.,financed and trained by Bush Neocons to gut the country piece by piece and said as much after Kelowna Accord.. on the corporate media..then he shut them up..we in deep doodoo.. he gets majority govt it’s all over. he’s running a scam to appear the benevolent leader..he’s a traitorous dangerous dictator.. taking orders from corporate towers . I’m done.

SO it’s important to know the facts, see the trends and predict the future.. easy with Gerald Celente’s site, Trends Research Foundation.. he’s on it.

Don’t let fear set you up for night mares..take action get out of the far as is possible in groups if possible.. lay low let the zombies devour each other not you and yours, getting to your food supplies and what ever else the’s a serious threat, among many serious threats.

Once you have your claim then you are set for about 14 years i alberta and is similar every where, you can park a trailer.. build a cabin or home but no permanent foundations..shoot moose, fish..use trees.. build 2 or 3 holding ponds and recycle your water..keep it small and simple avoid big deposits for completions.. thats putting it all back as it was at your small.. small minimal water usage.. have to check the actual size of machinery allowed etc.. no oil spills etc.. care.. riparian areas study up..make a simple plan and do it. You are good for a long time and can have garden. Produce products from trees..use in operation.

I have 3 mining acts clogging up my brain and serious head injury 2 years ago too, but healing pretty good. :)

All this mainstream slavery is going down.. the it will be a corporate global govt… more lost saving from global currency.. 2o cents on a dollar.. serious business enslaving people..then a chip implanted and no cash society.. already using in parts of USA.. get’s even uglier but that’s the gist.

Mineral maps online to view..seems the outer edge of NB is best bet. Check it can always have a neighbor miner punch a hole for couple hundred bucks with his small or large cat, takes 5 minutes..assessment done for the year. and sluice that in small outfit.. high banker etc.. its a good bet.

Good luck.. Will