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An apartment building is a co-operative grid kind of living where heating and sometimes electricity use is included in the rent. Municipal water and sewage is provided. Clearly this does not offer many options for being off grid. However it does not prevent someone from living green and in this way help conserve resources. Even though the electricity may be included in the rent you can still strive to minimize electrical use if that is what you wish to do. Unless the heating is electric there is very little a tenant can do to affect heating during cold weather.

The landlord not to mention the fire Marshall would likely have a fit if a tenant tried to use wood stoves for heating. So would adjacent tenants who would get the smoke and then ther is the attendant increaded fire risk.

The tenant can reduce water and sewage use. In cottage country you see a lot of signs in the bathroom saying “if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down” this is a subtle hint to reduce flushing to ease the demand on a limited septic system. You can reduce shower time and thus conserve water and you can use soaps that break down more readily thus reducing the phosphate load being dumped down the sewers.

The old saying reduce, reuse, and recycle, can be put into practice even in an apartment.

It is practical to live green even if you do not live off grid.