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I’ll get you a few ideas to get started on. (you will see I love the website I’ll link often, and you will too if you are serious about doing this and on a budget).

Year round stream??? Sweeeeet! Look into micro hydro power generation, inexpensive, low maintenance, not dependant on sun or wind, if it runs year round, it will proved power generation to your home year round.

You can use solar gain to help heat your home, but of course you are going to be best served just moving straight to wood heat, but there are solar space heating designs you can use in the home that will seriously reduce your daytime wood consumption for heating, and in your livestock housing as well that will go a long way toward keeping your lifestock as happy and comfy as they can be.

Solar water heating for the livestock and the home!

With all the livestock, there is no reason not to study on on building a methane digester, you can collect their waste, pop it into a methane digester and turn it into gas you can use for heating, cooking, etc.

Learn about some of these – solar hot water heaters, Biofuel systems, wood gasification, masonry heaters and rocket stoves, solar ovens, passive cooling systems, wind power generation, rainwater harvesting, grey water usage, composting toilets, solar stills, aquaponic greenhouses, ram pumps that will pump water to livestock watering troughs without needing any electricity etc,

The list can go on for a while. look into some of that stuff, experiment with it, use those ideas to formulate a plan and start collecting materials you will need, etc.