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You sounds much like my buddy who also does long distance hauling of extra wide loads. Some states do not permit hauling them on week-ends so he frequently ended up with two day layovers where ever that put him come Friday night. After burning out the second or third inverter he asked me if I could help. I design power systems for a living so his rig was a cinch.

I was working at Xantrex at the time so I got an inverter cheap by using my employee discount. Five years later when he changed trucks he was still living ‘off-grid’ as it were on the same inverter and cooking electrically using nothing but his starter batteries. He was amazed that despite forgetting to turn off the inverter several times when the rig was in for major service work lasting a couple of days he never had a flat battery. He had an electric frying pan, a kettle and a George Forrman grill not to mention a fridge and entertainment system all running on 120V