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Doing a power budget as opposed to a power survey will at least get you into the ball park. I find that with few exceptions most appliances use less power than the rating plate suggest.

The biggest benefit of doing the budget up front is that it helps keep you focussed. then as you do actual surveyes you plug in real world numbers and if you have set up the spread sheet correctly you can see if you are ahead of or behind the projections. It never ceased to amaze me that on a 100 foot yacht needing peak demands of 30+ kilowatts of power basic lighting still only consumed 2- 3 kilowatts. Cooking electrically came next in terms of usage but with the modern countertop cooking appliances I find We ourselves are using about one quarter as much nergy as with the older technology stoves etc. We have cooked with gas and even wood in previous homes but electrical cooking today is probably the most efficient. To everyone surprise we found that even solar powered houses with a limited 450 watt of PV panel capacity you can use some electric appliances.