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@ elnav

Why do you think renewable technology is slow to catch on? Why do you think many of the pioneers of these systems are considered “tree hugging, sandal wearing hippies” by the general public en-mass?

Its because the majority of existing systems are minimalist,.. you cant have the modern conveniences that the world today is addicted to, therefore it will NEVER catch on in its current form.

I want my house to be a show piece,.. I want to be able to show the world that renewable energy can run all their modern conveniences, & with the right control systems can do so reliably, automatically and with an absolute minimum of maintenance. It CAN be just like a “normal” house, but without damaging the environment,.. and its easy to do and (in the long run) cheaper too!

My lack of technical knowledge on the subject is why I am here. I have the engineering ability,.. I’ve built houses before, installed rainwater harvesting, drinking water purification and small diy solar hot water rigs etc etc. I want to add to my knowledge & scale up everything I’ve done before. I just need some info & wiring diagrams,… I’ve a year before construction begins so now is the time to learn.

You say “technically unsound”,.. tell me why it is, & tell me how to fix it whilst retaining the features I need? You say its “wasteful”,… I agree, but I’ll be wasting zero carbon renewable energy that will be raining down on us in plentiful supply for a few billion years to come,.. I can live with that. :)

As for wanting it all & wanting it right now,.. I’m married with kids,.. saying “sorry hun, you can’t put the washing machine on until this other appliance has finished” will get me only grief & a divorce. Personally I’d live happily in a shed (once there was internet connection!).

I believe that systems like the one I want will be common place in 10 -15 years,.. everyone will want one, and with oil nearly gone, everyone will need one.