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Con: The tires outgas benzene gas (a known carcinogen) from the butyl rubber.

So, don’t use them for building a home or raising a garden inside them.

There’s a building built of beer bottles and mortar in Monahans, Texas in the

1950s. Still stands. Was a hamburger stand for many years.

The bottles provide dead air insulation to the walls. You can roof such a

structure with corrogated tin in two layers with black poly pipe between to form a solar water heater, and put gutters around the tin roof to collect rain

water for drinking in 55 gallon plastic water barrels or a black poly water tank. Black poly does not support algae growth in the water.

Pallets can be had for free out here in West Texas and land is available (abandoned farm land) for $300/acre…minimum 5-10 acres. I will help

anyone interested in moving to and living in the desert of West Texas

find and secure a suitable piece of land.

contact me: