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Believe it or not Dustoffer but we do take most if not all of the supplements you mention. Last three weeks church attendance has been down to half the normal numbers. Everyone is affected.

One thing we have noticed. When we live away from people, we normally have few if any sniffles etc. during the winter season. Hpwever, if we visit family for Christmas sure enough we seem to bring home some sniffles. I can only speculate that lack of constant exposure somehow lets our immune system relax its defenses and then when we do visit family and the kids we are slightly more susceptible and catch simething quicker.

This year there seems to be a particularly nasty bug going around because so many people even in distant locations all report greater than usual numbers being sick and off work. And with so much transportation done by trucks, no wonder nasty bugs hitch rides with truck drivers. It only takes one infectious driver to stop for a coffe break to pass it on to the waitress who in turns gives it to the neighbors and so on.