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This looks like a self serving advertisementn to your own company which by coincidence happens to have the same name as your user name. For better or worse chinese manufactured goods have acquired a reputation for poor quality. I speak not only as a consumer but someone who has worked for two North American companies that exported their manufacturing overseas to China. Locally we refer to such goods a C cubed meaning ‘cheap chinese crap’.

At the moment I am dealing with a chinese shop whose electrical staff seems incapable of independent thought. They ask the dumbest questions and seem expect me to do their thinking for them for free. My client is not willing to pay for my time to act as the shop’s electrical designer. Until such time as people can walk into a retail store and buy one off quantity and get a quality product that last you will continue to find opposition by North Americans buying chinese. Do you really expect people who are unemployed by losing their jobs to China to gladly buy from a chinese manufacturer?