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Not bad for $650 huh? Body was a little rough, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t get shored up to prevent further rust through.

I also saw a place nearby you that had 225 amp hour 6v golf cart batteries for $95 each (that’s pretty darned good and 3 of those would run anything you would need it to run in that van including a little space heater to warm you up while you sleep), and TONS of inexpensive RV parts you could use in the van and building materials to convert that van into a solid place for a single man to start his off-grid adventures. (1500w power inverter for $155) (Camper sink and faucet for $35) (water tanks 4×35 gallon for $50 each) (portable toilet $50) (2 burner + broiler camp stove $30) (Dorm fridge $25) (225 amp hour deep cycle batteries $95 each) (2000w generator $100)

That’s $685 for that stuff, and that’s including getting 2 of the deep cycle batteries and 2 of the 35g water tanks.

Get you some solar landscape lighting to keep charged up every day it’s sunny enough and bring them inside the van in the evenings to provide free light that doesn’t touch your batteries, and leave the batteries for heat and keeping food and drinks properly cooled. With the generator, just ensure you are keeping an eye on your batteries and not over draining them, and when there isn’t much sun, top em off with the generator, or if you just need an extra boost of power through a really cold night to amp up a space heater, fire it up and crash out.

You can do this if you set your mind to it. I mean most of these deals will be gone by the time you are in a position to buy some of that stuff, but ALWAYS keep an eye on craigslist and such because you can often save BIG money on stuff you will need.