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In addition to what has been mentioned. Going off-grid you will find that what you used on-grid and what you need to accomplish the tasks with self generated power can be quite different.

1500 kwh/month if all one has is solar/wind to provide the power is going to be very expensive. As ‘thirteen’ noted or alluded to having property with good water flow and being able to get permission to harvest that with a small hydro electric generator could result in those numbers being more feasible.

I live in the flat lands of illinois, but have been out to the durango area a few times, love the mountains but last time I was out there the population density seemed to be getting too much for me. I’ll stick with my semi flat 24 acres.

3 years ago at my current location we were using 600-1500kwh month as well depending on the time of year. I’ve been active with solar off an on since I was in college in the early 80’s. I started getting very serious though in the early 90’s. Once I moved to my present location 14 years ago I started working on my goal of going off grid.

I started out on commercial power and moved/balanced the house loads to run what I could off of the existing panels. This last summer I added an additional 1200 watts of PV, now have a total of approximately 2200 watts of PV capability and a 300 watt Air 303.

Since July of this year I have been off the grid. I am still paying a connection fee through the winter to make sure I can really get by without the commercial side.

I cut my power consumption down from that 600 to 1500kwh/month to 200/300kwh’s month. There were a few family habits that needed to be broken. But we did not change our quality of life, well maybe a little for the better in some ways. Portions of the usage reduction involved what you will find mentioned in other areas.

eliminate the phantom loads, power strips on everything that has power usage while off.

replacing old washer/dryer/fridge with newer more effecient models

cook stove and clothes dryer have always been propane from the time we moved in.

no incandescents, House has been full CFL since moving in 14 years ago and the cost of

cfl’s are a whole lot cheaper than back then.

Acquire a “kill-a-watt” or equivalent. It is a plug in the wall device that measures power usage of 120 volt ac appliances over a period of time. that way you can determine what is consuming your preciously generated power.

You are thinking about it now before the first foundation block has been layed. That is the best time to do it, plan and then plan some more.


marshall, il