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Dustoffer are you taking into your calculations the fact you can safely discharge the NiFe much more deeply? this has the effect of reducing the amp hour capacity compared to lead Acid for same power consumption reserve of 3 days. I also got a package of data with curves and I concluded ther were some benefits and the cost was not twice as expensive but maybe 25% greater.

ind you O was expecting to be pushing these batteries hard with high charging since they can apparently stand up to it.

In that respect they are like AGM where you can charge them at 50% of the A-H ratinmg.

If I only need 100 a-H consumption per 24 hour period I really only need a total of 300 A-H capacity to last me since I can normally discharge past the 80% DoD every day. With lead acid I would need 600 amp hours to have 3 days reserve while maintaining the 50% DoD limits.