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In my latest contact with them, I finally got all the info on size requirements in Ah, and footprint and height, along with pricing. For a system to adequately replace my 8 L16Ss would require about 40% more room than I’ve got for them. The cost is over double two sets of L16S w/desulfators that would last at least as long or more. If you qualify for the tax break and have room, then they are only around 20% more than the two sets of L16S w/desulfators.

The closest in actual performance to my 8 – 410Ah L16Ss in 2 banks is 20 RE500s, but in my fixed space only 20 RE200s will fit, and they just aren’t big enough in Ah for a minimum of 3 days without sun.

If they are a lot lower maintenance and you have the room and tax break, then they would be competitive.